Warrigal Press is proud to release a new series of exciting Pulp Fiction novels starring Perth detective Joe Blake.

Joe Blake books are now available in the USA! Visit Mystery and Imagination (Bookfellows) in Glendale, California. Fore more information contact Malcom Bell at info@mysteryandimagination.com.

Joe Blake novels can now be purchased from Planet Books on Beaufort St in Mt Lawley! The bookshop specialises in 'alternative' fiction and nonfiction books, and are really great supporters of small, local publishing companies. If you haven't got your copy yet, be sure to make your way down there and pick one up.
Covers for The Bikie's Cage can now be viewed on the Joe Blake Cover Gallery page. Also, take a look at some more artwork by TAFE student Dean Cinquini under the 'Will Joe Blake Be a Comic Book Hero?' section.
Finally, the 2008 edition of the Joe Blake newsletter can be downloaded by clicking here. (.pdf, ~2.3MB)

Joe Blake has seen plenty of girls with 'slut' written all over them, but never like this. The girl was near naked, tied to a bed and the killer had driven a sharp object through her heart. 'Slut' had been written on her skin with a black pen. Hot on the trail of the murderer, Joe Blake continues his fight against evil and the seedy underbelly of Australian society. This time, it's personal. Joe Blake never expected to find his friend Latty Sharpe suspended cruelly from the ceiling of a maniac's dungeon. Revenge is sweet, and Joe Blake always fires his warning shots last.
NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: The second novel in the Joe Blake murder/mystery series, 'Warning Shots Last', has just been released. 'Warning Shots Last' can be purchased on eBay Australia, Books & Collectables or this website.

UPDATED 3rd DECEMBER 2007: TAFE students' artwork for 'Warning Shots Last' and 'The Bikie's Cage' (to be released in 2008) can now be viewed in the Book Covers Gallery.
TAFE student Dean Cinquini has also created a series of Joe Blake comic strips, which can be seen on the Joe Blake Comic page.
Copies of the first Joe Blake novel, 'Murder is Never Pretty', are still available. They can be purchased using the order form on this website. Order now and recieve a free Joe Blake bumper sticker. Don't miss out!

Download the the second newsletter (.PDF, 2.3mb)
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You can now download a free mp3 of the first chapter of 'Murder is Never Pretty... Even When the Corpse is a Blonde'.
Murder is Never Pretty : Chapter One (4.43MB, 4min 50sec)

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